990.00 ден

Има залиха

  • Број на играчи: 1
  • Вoзраст: 7+
  • Издавач: Blue Orange 

With Mapigami, go in search of the treasure: 30 labyrinths in the form of maps to explore. On each of the maps, of increasing difficulty, the goal is the same: to connect the starting point (the boat) to the ending point (the treasure), following the indicated paths, only one of which obviously leads to the chest. Easy ? Not that much, because each treasure map has two (sometimes three, even four!) Flaps which fold up and overlap, thus offering new trajectories. At the beginning, it’s quite simple, and then gradually, it becomes really labyrinthine, the lines start to cross and mix, and the stylus, which seems a little superfluous at the beginning, quickly becomes essential to know where you are on the map ! In summary, Mapigami is a simple, yet addicting game that gets in difficulty quite quickly. Original and well done, fans of puzzles and logic games will love !


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