Call of Duty K/D Party Game

2,290.00 ден

Има залиха

  • Број на играчи: 3-5
  • Времетраење:  20 мин
  • Вoзраст: 17+
  • Издавач: Wilder
  • BRING YOUR Call of Duty SKILLS TO GAME NIGHT! Like the best-selling Call of Duty video game, Call of Duty K/D Party Game is the ultimate battle of strategy. Use Loadout cards to down enemy operators, deflect dares to other players, and more!
  • ARE YOU READY TO DROP? Down your enemies and make them perform hilarious dares! Capture dare tiles and assign them to opponents to collect K/D tokens. The player with the highest K/D token count wins. Sounds easy? Think again.
  • DARE ZONE! Move your operator pawns around the map to capture dares before other players. From push up challenges, party rules, and blank dare tiles for you to fill in yourself, this board game will have your squad laughing all night long.
  • COD GAMERS UNITE! Gather 3-5 friends and get ready to drop in. The Call of Duty: K/D Party Game is fun for any occasion – game night, parties, or just hanging out with friends.


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