Funko Pop! Town: Halloween – Myers House with Michael Myers (Bloody) (Special Edition)

2,990.00 ден

Има залиха

  • Производител: Funko
  • Димензии: ≈ 13cm H X 11cm W x 12cm D
  • Special Edition

Halloween – Michael Myers Blood Splattered with Myers House Pop! Town Vinyl Figure

“Was that the Boogeyman?”
“As a matter of fact…it was.”

In 1978, the world was introduced to the terrifying Michael Myers in John Carpenter’s horror classic, Halloween.

Set in the small town of Haddonfield, Halloween sees serial killer Michael Myers break out of the mental hospital to return home and wreak havoc on Halloween.

Here we have Michael Myers covered in the blood of some poor unsuspecting babysitter, complete with the iconic Myers house!

The perfect centerpiece for any true horror collection!

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